Youth on the rise

Zenani Minor: The Young Mind of an Engineer

Posted March 15, 2017
By Rochele Jones

Zenani Minor isn't your normal kid and I'm pretty sure she won't be a normal adult, because she is destined for greatness and she is sure to become one of the women we are celebrating this month. 

Our future is bright as long as we continue to produce kids like Zenani. The credit here goes to her parents James and Tiffani, who both challenge their daughter to be the best her she can be. This Pasadena Christian School 8th grader just showed us how to purify water with the sun in the comfort of our own homes, and it only takes a couple of days. She became interested in the preservation and purification of water, because she sees what's going on in third world countries. With what just happened in Flint, Michigan and with clean water becoming a problem all over this country as well, we are lucky to have someone like Zenani concerned about it.

Zenani, who is an A & B student, started liking science when she was in the 3rd grade when they made power rolling cars and raced them. She thought that was really fun and became interested in how it all came together.

Science isn't the only thing on Zenani's mind. She was the MVP on the girls basketball team and she also plays softball, so this girl is always busy, yet eager to do more.

We promise that this won't be the last time you read about Zenani here and we look forward to what's next for her.