ZARA JAMIESON was born in Canada and raised in California. Although her career has always been in the corporate sector, Jamieson has held a fond love for writing since secondary school. After experiencing a series of challenges and setbacks that taught her valuable lessons in life, she immersed herself in her love for writing as both a form of therapy and to pass on critical lessons about life, love, and relationships with God and man to others.

From her life lessons came Hide & Seek, Zara's first literary work, and memoir. The book is about breaking the negative cycle, no matter what that negative cycle may be. For her to get her point across she had to open up and make herself vulnerable to criticism, but it's all a healing process and a way to freedom. While some may judge, most don't deal with their own demons and issues.

In the book -  After becoming a single parent at an early age, Bree was a young mother trying to find her way. When she crossed paths later in life with a handsome man whom she had known in her childhood, her low self-esteem and hunger to be loved made her weak and unable to resist his sexy smile, charm, confident swagger – and sordid past. A polished, middle-class Jamaican girl reared in California, Bree had never been introduced to many of the “hood” ways to which her new boyfriend was suddenly exposing her. The relationship they shared plunged her into a world of infidelity, lewdness, perversion, imprisonment, and never-ending lies. Unfortunately, because she refused to read the writing that was always on the wall and blindly followed him wherever he led her, her life began to spiral out of control. Hide and Seek is a cautionary tale about what can happen when we ignore the constant warning signs that God places in our path and choose our own desires over His plan for our lives. Prepare to be captivated by this memoir that tells of how one woman experienced God’s redemption, restoration, forgiveness, and unconditional love, even after allowing her selfish desires to lead her down a path toward what seemed like inevitable destruction!

Jamieson, the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, lives her life focused on nurturing her faith, building a healthy family, and enjoying life with friends. Hide and Seek is a great read.


Zara Jamieson: Hide and Seek, an Out in the Open Book

Posted June 11, 2018
By Asha Smith