If passed, Proposition 6 would repeal Senate Bill 1, that was passed back in 2017. The S.B. 1 Bill essentially raised taxes on gasoline up 12 cents per gallon, 20 cents a gallon on diesel and increased vehicle registration fees between $25 and $175 depending on the type of automobile you own.

The S.B. 1 Bill currently funds road and bridge upgrades in Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Indio and Coachella.

“The gas tax hike will cost California families $700 a year on average, and people with long commutes will pay even more. The tax was never voted on by the people and was approved despite a record budget surplus.”

Jon Coupal, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

A few facts:

Yes on 6 will repeal the initiative – revoke or annul this initiative

Prop. 6 also requires voter approval for any future gas tax increases.

Californians pay 95.5 cents per gallon in taxes and fees. That’s an average of $17 per fill-up!

California gas prices are already the second highest in the nation (behind Hawaii) and are projected to reach over $4 a gallon in a few years due to new fees imposed by the State Legislature.

California has a $16 billion budget surplus, but the Legislature and Governor chose to raise gas taxes and use the budget surplus money elsewhere.

If pre-existing transportation taxes and fees were spent on transportation costs (as they should be), California would have $5.6 billion annually for transportation projects.

The cost of living in California is already too high. This new gas/car tax makes our state even more unaffordable for working families already struggling to get by.

The ‘Yes on 6’ campaign, led by Reform California, has received the bulk of its funding from the state Republican Party and its gubernatorial candidate John Cox. Congressional candidate Kimberlin Brown is the Southern California co-chair of the repeal campaign and, like many Republican candidates for Congress, hopes attaching herself to the ballot measure will sway voters disillusioned with high gas prices to vote for her in November.

No on 6 – Stop the attack on Bridge and Road Safety

Proposition 6 would eliminate funding for more than 6,500 bridge and road safety, transportation and public transit improvement projects currently underway throughout California

Will eliminate thousands of jobs and hurts our economy

Is opposed by firefighters, highway patrolmen, and more than 300 organizations

The ‘No on 6’ campaign has drawn contributions from unions representing construction workers and law enforcement and enlisted Governor Jerry Brown as an advocate.

Points to ponder:
1. If California has a $16 billion budget surplus, but the Legislature and Governor chose to raise gas taxes and use the budget surplus money elsewhere how is this an attack on Bridge and Road Safety when there is money available - $16 Billion specifically?

2. What other projects will the budget surplus monies be spent on?

3. And how do firefighters, highway patrolmen and the other 300 organizations benefit from this initiative being passed?

4. Furthermore, this initiative is confusing as “Yes” is essentially a “No” vote meaning this initiative is going to be repealed and annulled and “No is essentially a “Yes” vote meaning the bill will continue to be in place and the tax and fees will stand. I can see a play on words here that can and will trip voters up if they are not well-versed in what the initiative really is, and they haven’t read the facts. Do your due diligence and go to voteyesonprop6.com and noprop6.com to read these initiatives for yourself and form your own opinions. Happy Voting!

Sources: Vote YesOnProp6.com and NoOnProp6.com

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Yes or No on Proposition 6 – The Gas Tax Repeal Initiative 

Posted October 8, 2018
By Asha Smith