WLW Healing House Unveiling

Posted January 21, 2021
By Rochele Jones

Who is Wendy Whitmore MS LMFT & Clinical Life Coach?

In 2013 Truth Healing & Evolution Counseling Services was born. I, Wendy Whitmore MS LMFT founder & CEO made the decision to become a full-time Womanpreneur after being diagnosed with a chronic condition that drastically changed my way of life. I wanted to create a safe space for clients to freely express themselves, that encourages them to “stretch & grow” and teaches the coping skills necessary for their journey of self-discovery and emotional healing.

In 2015, I founded THE iLove Me Experience, with the purpose of crafting intimate & unique experiences to assist women in starting, continuing, or advancing their wellness journey. This was my homage to my mother Ruth Jackson-no Ward and my grandmother Ruthie Mae Jackson, who taught me that as a woman we must pour into, love, honor, and cherish ourselves in order to pour into, love, and cherish others.

In 2017, I founded THE My Warrior Life Community™ and formed the My Warrior Life™️team. As a child, I was very lonely and always longed for sisters. Throughout the years I have been blessed to build a community of SisterFriends, that have allowed me to lean on, learn from and grow with them. And it is because of my community of SisterFriends that I wanted to create a space for women to build their community of SisterFriends. In this space, women engage in healthy communities that encourage them to maintain their wholeness, by bringing calm & order to their life.

On September 8, 2020, I closed escrow on my first piece of commercial property and founded WLW HEALING HOUSE. I am SO excited about this new business venture, which allows me to combine wellness, self-love, self-care, and traditional therapy. With WLW HEALING HOUSE, I am excited to bring even more unique wellness services to the people.

Why does the IE (Inland Empire) & Southern California need WLW HEALING HOUSE and why is it vital to have a healing house to walk into?

Because WLW HEALING HOUSE is a place of healing for the Spirit, Soul, Mind & Body. Human beings need a space where they can unapologetically focus on everything SelfCare. In this space we will offer services and experiences curated to focus on Spirit Care, Soul Care, Loving THE Mind & Body Care.  And we are working to normalize the practice of RADICAL SelfCare.

If you would like to experience WLW HEALING HOUSE in person please click on the link to Register: