Pasadena, CA-This Friday, Saturday and Sunday Oct 7th - 9th at Pasadena City College Black and Engaged (#BE16) series comes to town. The project aims is to build a sophisticated regional civic engagement training conference designed to educate, empower and align Black Activists and Advocates ages 18-40 who are actively apart of the ongoing Black liberation struggles across the country.

Many have asked how they can take actionable steps in activism. Here one of many solutions and a great usage if your time. Why? #BE2016 focuses specifically on civic engagement and electoral activation, rather than mobilizing and direct action. Through various aspects of Black civic engagement training, programming and outreach the Initiative will form a sustainable intergenerational electoral base that will master the essential tools of field operations, direct voter contact and targeting.  

The Black and Engaged regional trainings, in partnership with various existing grassroots networks, and established progressive organizations and leaders will provide tools and skills-driven workshops to fill the gap between activism and electoral impact. The project by design serves as a strategic extension of various entities within the ecosphere of the contemporary Black liberation movement. 

Organizer, William Syms said "...people should attend this event to build skills that will allow them to move from protest to action." Black and Engaged exists to equip activist and people outraged by the ongoing violence against people of color with tools to create sustainable change.  

For more information & registration #BE16 www.blackandengaged.com/ 

Come On Out...

Oct 7-9

#BE16 Schedule 
10/6 Friday 12-5  
10/7 Saturday 10-6  
10/ Sunday 10-4 


William Syms Brings #BE16 To Pasadena City College

Posted Oct 7., 2016
James Farr