Keven McDaniels is a Writer, Youth Pastor, Mentor, Husband, Father, Author, Pasadenian, and Friend. For weeks to come he will grace the Pasadena Black Pages with his "Why Do You Hate Me?" short stories. Be on the look out for his book  debut "Convicted" dropping soon. Connect with Keven on Facebook HERE.

Why do you hate me: Part THREE

Posted October 16, 2018
By Keven McDaniels


I do not know why you do but you do hate me, if you didn’t you would not have brought drugs into my neighborhood and teach me how to create crack to poison my family as though the heroin brought earlier wasn’t enough. You told me it would be a mental escape from the outside pressures of life but weren’t you that pressure.

 If you did not hate me why did you tell me that I was better if my skin was lighter than my brother. You even convinced me that it was a privilege to have been raped by you, to have your blood, running in my veins? That made me turn on my brother as you knew it would, you even separated the work that he and I performed to make he and I envy each other, dislike each other. You did that so well that I am still attempting to rid myself of this disease.

But I do not understand why you went through all this trouble, if I am nothing, if I am a monster, a thief, a bastard, less than you, why would you go through all this trouble to turn me against my own brothers and sisters and even my parents. Why do you hate me?