What is with you and this pursuit of power? No one wants it as you do and you punish me with it as though my birth was a death sentence, but I do not believe that it is so. Why do you hate me? You have created laws just for me and no one else, prisons just for me to take my spirit and a narcotic to take my mind why do you hate me?

I have done my best to learn your law I went to your school after you said mine was unfit, I’ve continued to take your leftovers and make something incredible with it. I’ve even created machines to aid my brothers as they worked for you to make our lives a little better and you claimed you did it and created a patent office to add the law behind your claim.

I still continued to build because for me it made the world even more amazing, when I describe the beauty that I saw you wrote about it and called it an original you even did that with my paintings, clothing and styles of hair but I did not hate you, you hate me instead. And when I challenged your hate in your courtroom I convinced you with your words and your own definitions that what you have been doing to me was wrong and you promised me a place in this life as though it was your place to offer me, life. Why do you hate me? 

Why do you hate me: Part Four

Posted October 29, 2018
By Keven McDaniels

Keven McDaniels is a Writer, Youth Pastor, Mentor, Husband, Father, Author, Pasadenian, and Friend. For weeks to come he will grace the Pasadena Black Pages with his "Why Do You Hate Me?" short stories. Be on the look out for his book  debut "Convicted" dropping soon. Connect with Keven on Facebook HERE.