"What to Send Up When It Goes Down" Comes to Pasadena

Posted August 19, 2016
​By Asha Smith

​Aleshea’s poetry has been featured in a number of places including REDCAT for CalArts’s Tedx Conference, the Southern Fried Poetry Slam (in which she placed second in 2013) in the film God of the Ground, as part of a book festival at La Comèdie de Saint-Étienne and in the forthcoming film version of Oddlie, scheduled for release in 2015.
Harris has instructed at the Marcia P. Hoffman Institute of Performing Arts, The Royal Theater Boys and Girls Club, Youth Arts Corps, and The Patel Conservatory.  She is currently a faculty member in the School of Theatre at California Institute of the Arts in addition to teaching high-schoolers playwriting and spoken word through CalArts’ Community Arts Partnership (CAP).

Aleshea Harris

The play What to Send up When it Goes Down is coming to Pasadena from August 19 - 23. It is being performed at the Boston Court Performing Arts Center at 70 N. Mentor Ave. 

What To Send Up When It Goes Down is a play-pageant-ritual-homegoing celebration meant to disrupt, honor, and reclaim. An attempt to honor those lost to racist violence in America, the piece uses language, song and movement as a means of reflecting in order to cleanse and uplift. The goal is cleansing/catharsis through the exercise of viewing and participating in the piece, while also making space for collective emotions following tragedy.

​Aleshea Harris is a playwright, actor, and spoken word poet who received an MFA in Writing for Performance from California Institute of the Arts. Her work has been shown at the Orlando Fringe Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, CalArts, the Costume Show at American Conservatory Theater, freeFall Theater Company, Playfest at Orlando Shakespeare Theater, VOXfest at Dartmouth and L’École de la Comèdie de Saint-Étienne, National Drama Center in France. Her play, Road Kill Giant, was among 300 nominees to The List of “excellent new plays” compiled by The Kilroys.