Two Local Black Entities Merge to Become Stronger

Posted January 17, 2019
By Dennis Haywood


Hillside Tabernacle Church has been up in Altadena on Fair Oaks for decades and when Lance Arnold of Arnold's Funeral Services found out Hillside had space that was being unused, he went to Senior Pastor G. LaKeith Kenebrew and asked if they could join forces. The merger would turn Arnold's into the second full-fledged Black-owned mortuary in Pasadena/Altadena.

Also what these two coming together did was redirect Black dollars into the Black community because the landlords at Arnold's old location weren't Black. So now some dead space has become a business that not only helps Hillside but the community as well through the services Arnold's offers.

Life's transition is something a lot of us tend to ignore in our community until it's time to bury someone. I had a long talk with Lance and Pastor Kenebrew and not only does unpreparedness for death put weight and strain on the family but the church too, because too many times the church is put in a situation where they have to make up for a family's lack of preparedness. Pastor Kenebrew pointed out that having Arnold's in the same building will make it much easier for people in his congregation to prepare for the transition.

But aside from those reasons, two Black businesses just became stronger because the church is a business with bills too, and in order for the church to continue to do the things it does in the community it had to find a way to do greater financially. Pastor Kenebrew, the father of an athlete at John Muir, is very active in the community and they do free clinics and giveaways throughout the year.

So know that there is an alternate choice for planning for the inevitable. Arnold's has payment plans, so if you haven't started to plan for the future, give Lance a call at Arnold's.