​Three Black women set for confirmation on the inaugural Community Police Oversight Commission. Loren Jones, Florence Annang, and Dr. Alexis Abernathy.

Earlier this month, CouncilmemberTyron Hampton appointed Jones. Last night, Annang and Abernathy were unanimously voted in by the Council to serve on the Community Based Organization Commission seats. 

It hasn't been determined if the homicides and beatings of Michael Bryant, LaMont Robinson, Maurice Clark, Kendrec McDade, Reginald Thomas, Jr.  Christopher Ballew, and Anthony McClain will be up for review.

If they are--years of black men may finally receive the fairness and justice they've been denied for decades. 

The false narrative of police being afraid to perform their duties is a farce. It's a fear-based communication tactic deployed to garner sympathy. Where’s the Police empathy when they take a life. Where’s their accountability when they beat a motorist with a metal baton until a bone is broken. What part of the training manual instructs an officer to tell a grieving community member to “calm the fu*k down” after watching a man bleed out.   

Jones, Annang, and Abernathy will shoulder the weight and loss of our Brothers when they're sworn in next week. They are fully aware that the police will kill again. It's inevitable. If they didn't know, they should know, not one black man has killed an officer in Pasadena. In the past 30 years, only one PPD officer has died in the line of duty. The death wasn't caused by a black man, but by a depraved heart. Evil prevails when good men do nothing. 

That good man is now the Chief.​


Three Black Women Appointed To Police Oversight Commission​

Posted April 28, 2021
By Barry Black