Thorns on the Rose: Black Abuse, Corruption & the Pasadena Police looks back over the past 40 years of relationships between the Pasadena Police Department and the Black community. From activist Michael Zinzun to advocates like My Tribe RIse, Andre Henry, and Loren Esprit, Pasadena has always had activists in the community. Pasadena Police have killed and abused dozens of Black men during that span with little to no consequences. Thorns on the Rose will bring the viewer up to date to their most recent homicide 2020. 

Summary of Topic

Police brutality against Black men in the United States has been on the rise during the past two decades, reverting to the 1950s and 60s when Black abuse was a frequent occurrence. Generations of Black men of that era viewed Law Enforcement as contemporary “slave patrols.” Pasadena, Ca, is no different. The Tournament of Roses and America’s Stadium, the Rose Bowl stand as a camouflaged backdrop to a growing community problem. The death of Black men at the hands of the Pasadena Police Department has planted seeds that have germinated and blossomed into arrangements of mistrust and fear.  

The 60-minute documentary is a gripping and emotionally charged expose that places viewers directly into the intensity and trauma experienced by impacted grieving families and communities.

Featuring footage from critical incidents and featuring Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, and Pasadena Police Chief John Perez.

The City of Roses has sharp thorns...

Production Credits 
A DenaLand Production in association with Tunnel Vision
Dennis Haywood Director, Producer & Executive Producer
Rochele Jones Producer
James Farr Producer
Nancy Buchannon Co-Producer
Film By Pasadena Black Pages