Today I saw the Pasadena of 2021 and beyond. The multi-faceted 4-5 story monsters that permeate Fair Oaks and throughout “Old Town Pasadena” is the beginning of the end of the Pasadena I knew. The “out of control” infrastructure building of these UGLY “box-like” structures has no compatibility with the historical content that was Old Pasadena. Starting with the Parsons Building, which was a major component of the South End of Pasadena, has destroyed the ambiance of a robust community that was sprinkled with homes and local businesses.

This part of Pasadena was the hub of ethnic families, especially Black and Brown. Crossing Colorado Blvd. was the most shocking based on what was replaced by Urban Transients; people who do not live or work in Pasadena. The Traffic, pedestrian and otherwise, is difficult to navigate. What was most ironic was the Old Pasadena Luxury Apartments UGLY!! I must have laughed for about a minute regarding the hypocritical nature of this building. The Green Hotel looks so out of place with these UGLY “Cracker Box” structures all around it. Friendship Baptist Church (the oldest Black Baptist Church in Pasadena) sits like a monolith surrounded by UGLIER “Cracker Box” apartments.

Try finding a parking space on Sunday or any special event at Friendship BC and make sure you pay to the meter or “else”! Pasadena City Council and administrative staff should be held responsible for the UGLIFICATION OF PASADENA and the irreparable harm their decisions have made over the past 25 years.

The UGLIFICATION OF PASADENA is spreading like a virus and as I travel to the Northwest I continue to see the cheap looking structures that are rising and the developments in construction that will continue to UGLIFY the community. Watch closely for the structures (2) that will be built on Lincoln and Orange Grove and the corner of Fair Oaks and Hammond (formerly the Jackie Robinson Postal building). 



The Uglification of Pasadena

Posted September 29, 2021
By Gary Moody