City of Pasadena Measures I and J combined will help to continue to strengthen both our community and our schools by providing a consistent source of funding that is 100% for local use.

Supporting our Pasadena Unified School District schools benefits everyone in our community. Our public schools are essential for a strong economy, a vibrant democracy, and they help protect property values. Because of these and many other benefits, the City of Pasadena’s General Plan makes support for the public schools one of its guiding principles.

What are Measures I and J?

Measure I raises the sales tax rate in Pasadena by $.0075 (three-quarters of a cent), or 75-cents for every $100 of sales. All proceeds will be spent in Pasadena to maintain vital city services, reinvest in critical city infrastructure and, if voters agree, to protect and strengthen our public schools.

Measure J is a companion advisory measure which only applies if Measure I passes. It does NOT raise taxes. Instead, it advises the Pasadena City Council to use one-third of all revenues from Measure I to protect and strengthen our public schools.

Find out more about both measures here.

If both Measures I and J pass, PUSD would gain approximately $7 million a year – roughly equal to 3% of PUSD’s annual budget. Funds would be used to prevent cuts in core academic programs and strengthen classroom instruction.

Pasadena public schools have made significant progress in the last decade. Successful magnet programs focus on science, technology, and art. Dual language and International Baccalaureate programs are drawing parents into public schools, from both within our District and from neighboring areas. PUSD graduates are accepted at highly competitive colleges and universities and are entering the workplace prepared to succeed and lead.

But this progress is at risk in the face of shrinking support from the State, rapidly rising costs driven by State and Federal mandates, and shrinking enrollment as birth rates drop and housing costs rise.

Find out more about our Pasadena public schools and Measure J here.

Meeting the Cap and Keeping it Local

State law puts a cap of 10.25% on the sales tax anywhere in California. Los Angeles County has already imposed 5 sales tax increases on Pasadena which annually generate $63 million. On average, just 17% of County-imposed sales taxes collected in Pasadena stay here to support local services—83% goes to the County.

Sales taxes in Pasadena can only be increased by another three­ quarter percent (0.75%) before it reaches the state-imposed limit. Measure I will put Pasadena at the legal limit. That means future increases by the County or other entities will not apply in Pasadena. It is very likely the County will act in the near future to raise sales taxes again. If we do nothing and wait for Los Angeles County to impose this sales tax increase, history indicates Pasadena won’t get much of it.

More than 100,000 people come into Pasadena every day to work, study and shop. If Measures I and J pass every penny collected here will stay here to fund local services and schools: 100% for our community.

Source: Pasadena Educational Foundation

check your power 2018

The Pasadena Educational Foundation Endorses Pasadena Measures I and J on the November 6, 2018 ballot

Posted November 5, 2018
By Asha Smith