In 2010, a transition took place. Teanna was surprisingly let go from her “good-job” due to state-wide budget cuts and although in a few months she would be graduating with her Master’s Degree in Business, she felt stuck, frustrated and disappointed. She had then decided she would create her own opportunity – she had the skills and the education; by starting her own business: Creative Influence – Graphic + Web Design. She told herself “Life is too short to not enjoy or have a passion for what you do and wake up every morning and plan your own day, know your worth and set your own salary.” Waking up every morning to make someone else's dream successful was no longer something she enjoyed or wanted to do. 


teanna ross: gifted in design & marketing

By Rochele Jones

2015 was an amazing year! Teanna was able to turn two goals into reality. She as always wanted to give back to her community but didn’t know how. She started mentoring young securing an opportunity becoming Co-Troop Leader with the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles – Troop 01731 in Pasadena, CA. She is also intentional about creating time to give back to students at her high school alma mater John Muir High School when needed. In September 2015 as a proud graduate of University of Phoenix (2010) she became the Vice President of Communications with the Los Angeles County Chapter University of Phoenix Alumni Association. In this role she is tasked with letting Phoenix Alumni and the community at large so they know about upcoming events and programs the University offers so that they can get involved.

The beginning of this year Teanna released her first e-book entitled: The Branding Experience: The Blueprint to Marketing in 2016 and  Beyond. This  e-book   was  created

Brand Slayer, Author, Owner and Master Kreator, Teanna Ross always dreamed of owning her own business and fueling her dream of becoming an Entrepreneur. Kreative Eye Design her brain-child was birthed upon graduating with her Bachelors of Fine Art in Visual Communication in 2008. This wasn’t her first go-round dibbling and dabbling in business ventures; she was previously partnered with a friend creating and selling custom hand-made jewelry and body oils under the business name of Keturah and prior to Keturah she freelanced creating invitations for events under the name Unique Designz all while working a full-time in Educational Consulting and enrolled full-time in a master's program. She definitely enjoyed it overall but the money wasn’t pouring in like she’d hoped and she yearned for something more fulfilling. She grew tired, over-worked, overwhelmed and unsatisfied. Not to mention at the time being a single mother of the cutest 3 year old little boy and trying to juggle and balance everything was taking a toll and adding more stress than financial relief.

and it seeming impossible for you to get ahead or your just down right scared to take that next leap of faith. No doubt, Teanna has been there! She knows that all too well. She operating in her purpose and is doing what she absolutely loves! Connecting and networking with like-minded individuals, who are passionate about what they do and enjoy every second. 

Teanna’s main focused is building relationships and partnerships, to teach what she’s learned, and ultimately help other men and women who find themselves - tired, over-worked, overwhelmed and unsatisfied to step into their greatness, removing self-inflicted limitations,  fear of the unknown and mastering the art of letting go of worthless excuses that keep you stuck, stagnant and un-inspired. Teanna wakes up every morning with a will to always create an atmosphere where fresh ideas, with endless possibilities that flow fluidly so that each client she engages and assists walks away confident ready to show up and stand out whether in digital or print.

For the last 8 years she hasn’t regretted taking that leap one moment. It's challenging, yes and can be downright scary but it is so fulfilling. She has laughed, cried, been frustrated and has even contemplated giving up plenty of times, but her reason for continuing is stronger than the will to quit. Helping women and men alike create a brand and guide then along the way to operate in their purpose and have a passion for what they do while they are able to live they love and enjoy is more rewarding.

This entrepreneur thing isn’t easy, contrary to popular belief. You have to consistently show up for yourself, even when you don't feel like it and PUSH! You must keep an open mind, stay positive, keep an open mind, and remain coach-able, motivated and inspired. Some days are easier than others however, the possibilities at that point are endless if you can stay focused and master those attributes. As a business owner you will find out how it feels to be stuck and frustrated not knowing what to do next and on top of that your broke, having money tied up

for the entrepreneur or anyone in business or thinking of starting a business. In this book she discusses how to get, keep and consistently WOW customers, clients, fans and followers over and over again.

This is a guide to marketing not just your service or products but your greatness the right way, consistently! It's definitely not for the weak... it's stricty for beast bosses that are ready to shine and consistently showcase their greatness! If that's you, make sure you grab your copy today, it's FREE! She poured her heart into this e-book because you deserve the best! You can grab your copy by clicking here. Be on the lookout she has another title dropping later this year.

Residing in Pasadena, operating her business full-time and spending quality time with her 2 children, close family and friends is what she enjoys most outside of helping people make their dreams come true.