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Tarik Ross on Fatherhood

​Posted June 14, 2017
By Dennis Haywood

​Tarik Ross has two biological children, but he has been the father-figure to dozens of young men throughout his years of working in the social field with Jim Brown's Amer-I-Can program, on his own at john Muir and other schools and with Snoop Dogg and all of his community outreach endeavors.  Tarik is a man of the community, because he is from the community and even though he moved to Los Angeles when he was a teen, he came back and remains. 

We talked about his upbringing and how his father's experience from growing up in Boston during racism's high point effected their relationship. "Pops taught us how to be discipline and respectful," Tarik told the Pasadena Black Pages. So when asked what his parenting style is with his kids, Tarik explained that he took the good things he got from his parents, but he's a much different father than his was. 

Tarik is a talkative man by nature, so he talks to his children, "A person can look at your child and see your parenting style," he explained. "Fatherhood is a gift, a blessing  and an honor."

​Tarik's kids are both grown now and are outstanding members in their communities. Tarik himself will be the father to so many kids who need that man to talk to about things he can't go to his mother about. The reality of Tarik's life is that he fills a void in human lives and he is to be a commended for that. 

Sometimes fatherhood is simply the positive wisdom instilled into the mind of a young man during one random encounter.

During our conversation we talked about the importance of Black men rising up during these times of change. So Tarik is starting the Black male Forum back, so men can come together to teach each other how to be better men, fathers and husbands. 

This Father's Day we must salute men like Tarik Ross, who not only raised his kids, but has enough compassion to help raise others as well.