​​After high school, Tara went to cosmetology school at Pasadena City College and by the time she turned 24, she had her own salon and she hasn't worked for anyone else since. 

​After years of doing hair, Tara, who has always been fashion savvy, decided to go further in the direction of complete makeovers for women, so she opened Teazze U on Colorado Blvd.

Teazze U will have been at  its 2618 E. Colorado location for ten years come next February and it is a beautiful place with great parking and the best customer service you can get.

​There are two sections at Teazze U. The boutique is in the front and it's not cluttered  at all like most self-owned boutiques. In the back women can get everything from hair to lashes done. Make-up and facials. "You can get your. hair done, make-up, lashes. Wherever you need to go you'll be red carpet ready," Tara

​Teazze U Boutique is my new favorite place to shop. I have never felt so comfortable and relaxed in a place open to the public. There was no pressure to buy by the ladies working in the store, because no woman in her right mind will leave Teazze U empty handed. So it wasn't a matter of if I was going to buy something, it was how much was I willing to charge to my card, because the selection was fruitful and eloquent.

​Tara Nelson, the owner of my new favorite place to shop has been a business woman in Pasadena for over twenty years. This Blair High School grad is committed to the empowerment of her community.

2618 E. Colorado Blvd

Pasadena, CA

​told the Pasadena Black Pages.​ "A lot of women don't like to shop in the mall that much and they want to look different. So I felt that we needed a boutique like this so ladies could look good, but not look like everyone else."

​Go check Teazze U out, but don't go to window shop, because the piece you think you'll come back and get may be gone. She has unique pieces.


tara nelson's teazze u boutique, a Pasadena diamond

Posted March 13, 2017
By Asha Smith