Sylvia May is a petite woman by stature, but she is really a giant. I have never met anyone who stands so high even though she can't be much over 5 feet tall. She stands out in a crowd and it's not because she has a short-cropped platinum blonde hair-do. Sylvia stands out because she glows. Her light is so bright that it is infectious. There is no way you can leave a conversation with her and not thank God for placing her in your path, even if it's just for a little while.

Sylvia May has stage 4 cancer and she has gone through chemotherapy and radiation treatments, 30 to be exact. She says that it takes so much from her, but when she says it, you can hear that she doesn't want pity. She doesn't want sympathy from you, because Sylvia knows that she walks with God and she is protected, so she is accepting of all He has to offer.

Raised in Pasadena, Sylvia attended schools from Don Bonito to John Muir. Sylvia says she was born on the pew of her uncle's church in Pasadena and in the church is where she has spent a lot of her time. Her walk is real and her battle is inherited. 

In 2007 Sylvia lost her mother to breast cancer. A few months later her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed in 2008. 

‚ÄčIn 2012, Sylvia was playing with her youngest son when he bumped her in the chest. She felt the pain but didn't think much of it at first. It wasn't until she was in the shower and noticed some leakage. Her husband took her to the doctor and she was shortly thereafter diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Her life would no longer be the same, but she wouldn't allow it to be any less complete. 

So her battle began.

I did some trolling on Sylvia's Facebook page because I heard that she pulls no punches and she loves to entertain her friends. After seeing her in action all I can say is she's special. 

She is one of the most positive people alive and she has reason to feel down some days. As I was listening to her tell her story, I couldn't help but measure the things I'm going through in life to her and I felt rejuvenated through my guilt of not being as passionate about my life as she is about hers.

Sylvia May is a fighter. 

I wish Sylvia a long and healthy life, but I'm feeling blessed to have crossed her path and I plan to have more conversations with her because as she says, she's a social butterfly. 

She is also strength, beauty, and grace. If you see her, hug her and you'll feel stronger.

Breast Cancer Month

Sylvia May Can Tell You All About Breast Cancer Survival

Posted October 31, 2016
By Dennis Haywood