Staci has alternately practiced Hatha yoga: Ashtanga, Power, and Heated yoga for many years.  "I was introduced to yoga by a good friend after the birth of my daughter in 1997 and have been practicing since.  In yoga, there is always room to grow, Hieroglyphics is that natural extension of growth for me.  This is a space for healing and strengthening;  A space to safely meditate and to let go.  Hieroglyphics is my home .and you're invited." ​

​Doing what I do, I never know who I'm going to come into contact with. Pasadena raised and John Muir graduate Staci Mitchell is one of the unforgettable people. She is a petite woman that exudes strength and size beyond her stature. She is that spiritual sistah from the late 60's and early 70's who stood for social righteousness and civil equality. She speaks with pride and vigor about the community she grew up in and she speaks with the vision of what she wants to see it become again.

​Staci is the owner of Hieroglyphics Yoga Studio in Altadena where she holds sessions multiple times daily except Tuesdays and Thursdays.

​This Pan-African Studies teacher at Cal State Los Angeles is also a trained professional in the performing arts.

Hieroglyphics Yoga Studio is ​an intimate place to practice; a warm, cultured space for the community to grow in and through the practice of yoga; at Hieroglyphics they emphasize the basic foundations of yoga; promote health & well-being, strength & power, peace & love.  They offer classes with a banging  playlists to help keep you inspired through the challenging asana yoga and to soothe you when at rest.  Hieroglyphics provides a room in which the community can easily access and experience the benefits of practicing yoga. 

Celebrating Black women

staci Mitchell: yoga from the soul side

Posted March 21, 2017
By Asha Smith

​The fact that she has opened her studio in her neighborhood should be uplifting.. The fact that her main and unselfish purpose is to expose the relaxing movements of yoga to Black women to teach them a new way to decompress.

A breast cancer survivor, Staci told the Pasadena Black Pages that, "Yoga was the best counter medicine to the chemotherapy, because while I was taking chemotherapy I wasn't going to take all of the other medicine they wanted me to take when I got home."

Staci also teaches a free yoga class every Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:40pm at the farmers market at Loma Alta Park. She has specials going on right now to celebrate her grand opening, so that should be taken advantage of because her prices are great and she is very welcoming.

Hieroglyphics Yoga Studio

3023 Lincoln Avenue
Altadena, CA  91001 
Phone: 626.486.2785
Email: slim@HieroYoga.com