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Shaton Anderson-Joseph: Pearls, Passion & Purpose 

​Posted June 19, 2017
By Asha Smith

Born and raised in Pasadena, Shaton Anderson-Joseph is one of the reasons being from and growing up here is so unique. She now lives in another city, but whenever she has an event through her company, Encite Empowerment Company. Sometimes people need to be reminded that they have a passion inside of them. Shaton is here to help you get to it.

​Pearls, Passion & Purpose will be a day ladies won't want to miss. Hosted by  Shaton, special guest include mentor and speaker Michelle Collins,speaker and author Kim S. Scott, Thee Style Icon Kenya Kirkland and Pastor Angela Davis. 

Encite was compelled and created by Shaton, who is creative, driven & multi-talented in several areas of planning. Shaton came to a point where all jobs were not full-filling but rather necessary to maintain a living to care for a family. She knew in her existed a Goliath force to achieve more and to excel. Countless days even years of not knowing how to begin, the ideas that she knew would be successful, she succumbed to defeat.

After much battling...In her was a greater person.- One that wouldn’t lie in defeat any longer, her Faith had to chase Fear away.

Now upon deciding to go at her purpose head first she has now set out to encourage and Inspire others. Those who are faced with giant fearful thoughts and hiding their dreams and passions to be better and do better. Many are longing to reap the ideas and concepts of what God has told them deep down inside.