Sharon denise Doss Brings us Niecy's Delights, that Southern Comfort Pound Cake from Grandma

Posted August 12, 2021
By Asha Smith

In 2017 after decades of working in corporate America, Sharon Doss was let go. Like so many others, she didn't know what she would do next. Finding a new job in your fifties isn't easy, but she had invested wisely and she had time to figure it out. 

Sharon thought about selling her grandmother's southern comfort, mouth-watering pound cakes. Sharon called her almost 100-year-old grandmother Carrie Doss in North Little Rock, Ark and Carrie gave the blessing. 

Since that time, Sharon has been making cakes for friends and family. She has made cakes for weddings, birthdays and special events, but she wants to introduce her cakes to the world, so she started her own company.

Niecy's Delights is keeping grandma's now, 102-year old pound cake recipe alive. "It's in my blood, so it feels good to take a legacy and build upon it to give to my nieces and nephews that may want to have their own business," Sharon told us. "My cakes are $25 and they come in trhee flavors, Classic Lemon, Forever Pineappple, and Pure Vanilla."

Sharon's business is home baesd now, but she is in the process of opening her own bakery in Pasadena real soon. 

By the way, the cake is delicious. I didn't even drink anything while eating it, that's how moist the cakes are. Sharon has inherited something special and all will be thankful once you have a slice.

Niecy's Delights:
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