Too Short at the Rose in Pasadena

6-year-old singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and entrepreneur ShaiStar has just dropped her first single and it is clear that a new star has arrived.

Interviewing ShaiStar was amazing. She is so full of life and smart. Even though this was her first media interview, she came across as a seasoned veteran in the entertainment business and she already knows she will soar and have fun doing it.

Listening to her rap, one would never think the smooth flow was coming from a girl so young. Her lyrics are a refreshing contrast to other young artists because she raps about what a 6-year-old should be doing and that's having fun with her friends. 

Let Em Know, her first single is already taking off and her StarMakers following is growing. I asked her father Brian, who sang back-up for R&B crooner Jon B if he had to push Shai to rap and he said she has so many things she wants to explore that he doesn't have to push her to do anything. "If she wants to do it, my wife and I don't push, we just open the door for her to go through."

With all of this going on, when I asked Shai what she wanted to be when she grows up, she said, "A police officer, because my daddy was an officer and we need more people from our community being police." Her father is a bodyguard now, and Shai said she will do that as well. It was refreshing to see a little girl look up to her father in that way.

Pasadena, stand up for ShaiStar, because while she is ours now, we will have to share her with the rest of the world because she has arrived and she will be around for a while.

"Let Em Know", is out now on all major digital platforms. ⭐❤ #TeamShaiStar #TeamLaskey #StarMakers #NextLevelLiving.

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6-Year-Old ShaiStar is Here to Let You Know She's Ready to Shine

Posted August 8, 2019
By Asha Smith