and friends, but now I am ready to move on and get to the next level of college life.

Hello, my name is Savannah Shoals, I am a Senior at Pasadena High School. I am in The CAMAD Pathway at PHS, a member of PHS Learns Dance Orchesis since 2016, and I hold the title of Captain for 2019-2020. I am PHS BSU (Black Student Union) President 2019-2020, my overall experience as a high school student is somewhat bittersweet. I enjoyed every high school experience that came along, made plenty of good friends, and tried to accomplished as much as I can being in high school. I have been taking and training with various dance studios since I was young. My goals after high school are to attend college, Major in BFA in Dance, and MLS in Arts. I am hoping to get training in the summer with Alvin Ailey Dance Company, and in the future, experience few dance production companies and Broadway shows. One day with God’s Blessings I would love to open my own dance studio and give back to my community so every child can have a chance to show their talent. High School was a great journey, some sad, plenty of laughter,  and great  memories with fellow  students 

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