C​rochet Syling  - $150 & Up
Individual Braids - $150 & Up
Steam Treatment & Natural Style - $80 & Up
Deep Condition, Trim & Style - $85 & Up
Two Strand Twist - $65 & Up 
Ponytail Styles - $60 & Up 
Weaves - $200 & Up
Goddess Braids - $65 & Up
Cornroll Styles - $75 & Up
Faux locs - $400 & Up

royalty creations

The confidence to go natural is something so many African-American women lack these days. ​​Rochele Jones is trying to change that with her Royalty Creations  style. Being true to what she does, her hair was in corn-rolls during the interview, enhancing her natural beauty.

"I got into natural hair care after seeing a lot of different women who didn't want to do the straightening anymore, the coloring the dying or the perming and just kind of care for their own natural hair."

African-American women are the number one consumers of hair care products and most of the money is spent on things that will change the perception of what they naturally are. Embracing denial has become the norm and while White and Latina women do everything they can to get the look Black women have naturally, Black women are spending money in droves to get the look of no substance.​ Black women have even gone as far as injecting their already naturally full lips to make them fuller for no reason.

Somewhat of a renaissance woman, Rochele is a published author of two self-help, motivational books Pieces of Me and Bruised, But Not Broken that she was inspired to write due to events in her life.

We asked Rochele if she thought natural hair was a trend or if it was here to stay. "Actually in the beginning I thought that it was a trend, but more and more people are doing   research    and   showing that natural hair is a little more healthier and it shows a little more confidence, so I do think it's here to stay," she explained.

Rochele does all kinds of styles and the imagination is limitless, so all that can be done with a natural crop isn't known yet.​