The first time Robin saw Tamera was at the Ortho Mattress store on Colorado in Pasadena. He was shopping for a bed and she was buying a headboard. When Tamera's purchase was delivered to her home, the guy from Ortho told her that Robin had been checking her out and he left his number and asked for it to be given to Tamera with the delivery of her headboard. Tamera got the number, remembered Robin and gave him a call. Maybe it was fate that made Robin do something he wasn't accustomed to doing when he made that bold move to get his number delivered. Maybe it was faith that someone special had been sent to her that made Tamera call the number of the strange man she had seen in a mattress store. That is how they met, the rest is their history. ​

Interview by Veronica Loving

Black Love

robin & tamera: at first sight

By Dennis Haywood