her faith.

We asked Robbie if there was anything she really wanted now and she said that she wants to make it to her birthday on May 31. That won't be a problem, because Robbie is a fighter and if she says it, it will happen and what a party it will be.

When you think you are going through something that feels like it's the end of the world, think about Robbie Thomas Walker and compare your troubles to hers and I bet you'll lace up and dig in because that's what thinking about her will make you do.

We strongly encourage all to watch the video below of Robbie. It brought a smile to my face to see her smile and laugh the way she did during this time I was able to spend with her. She brought sunshine into my life and her words will do the same for you.

Robbie passed away not long after our interview but her words and encouragement for others will forever live on here.

After beating cancer twice and going through so much pain to win the battles, one would think a person would lay down and give up, but Robbie Thomas is a single mom with two children. Both of her children are grown now, but still very young and in need of her guidance. As she told the Pasadena Black Pages, there is so much she wants to teach them and tell them and do with them, but the reality is that she can only give them what she can while she is here. So she tries to give them as much love as possible and she talks to them as much as she can.

Her children will be just fine because it's in their blood. They come from strength and fighters. Robbie's mother just won a bout with cancer a couple of months ago and her brother is terminally ill stage four cancer but still fighting.


How can her children not be strong? She did an amazing job raising them. She has instilled in them the courage to be warriors.

Every day is different for Robbie, some days are good, some bad, but what she told us is that for the most part, it's hell. "It's hard dealing with the fact that you know you're gonna die because there's so much you still want to do. There's still so much that you still want to accomplish. There's still so much you want to do with your kids," Robbie explained. She went on to say that it's sometimes depressing and she has to rely on her   inner   strength   and

breast cancer awareness

Robbie Thomas Walker: a mother's incomparable strength

Posted Oct 1, 2018
By Dennis Haywood

‚ÄčIn the Merriam Webster dictionary, the second example of the word strength reads; the ability to resist being moved or broken by force. Strength is the definition of Robbie Thomas Walker. The mother of two beautiful and articulate children who is in a battle for her life after being stricken with breast cancer for the third time. Her strength allowed her to beat the disease the first time in 2001 and the second time thirteen years later in 2014, but months later she was diagnosed with cancer again. Now her prognosis is stage 4 triple negative breast cancer and you can tell when you see her, but instantaneously you see her strength and you see that she is a fighter.

You also see her physical beauty, which still outshines the battle. It is  somewhat  amazing  to  see  all  of  this at one

time, because it immediately touches you and it makes you want to know her. So the honor was all mines that she sat and shared her feelings and glow. Being able to talk to her in all of her honesty was something I will hold on to.

Born and raised in Pasadena, this Pasadena High School grad is a mother who is giving her children something only someone going through what she is going through and is willing to fight can give. Her fortitude is inner and outer and her children can only gain from this. As a family, they are dealing with what doctors say is inevitable, but according to the doctors, Robbie shouldn't be here now. So Robbie has put her life in God's hands.