Tim Rhambo Celebration of Life Viewing
April 8th 1-5pm
April 9th @ 11am
Metropolitan Baptist Church
2283 North Fair Oaks Drive
Altadena, CA 91001
After service @ Victory Park
2575 Paloma St.
Pasadena, CA 90017


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Remembering Tim Rhambo, A Rose from the Concrete

Posted April 2, 2018
By Rochele Jones

"The greatness is not in how much wealth he enquires, but his integrity and ability to positively touch those around him."

                                                                                                                                                                       Bob Marley

When I think back to my childhood I'm reminded of the people who took care of us youngsters. I attended the Mackenzie Scott Boys and Girls Club on Fair Oaks. Back in those days, your parents trusted people to help out with their children. As far back I can remember Tim Rhambo was apart of the village. He made sure we were well he fed us, disciplined us, gave us guidance, advice, made us smile and most of all he loved us.

Every time I saw Tim I made sure he knew that I was forever thankful for his positive impact in our lives. The community always speaks of his transformation which was a beautiful thing. But during the transformation, I only knew Tim as a great man. He didn't bring his personal life to the Boys Club. Tim had a smile that'll light the whole room up no matter what. He was always so pleasant, soft-spoken and gentle. He was a great listener he had a funny way of encouraging us in any situation.

Over the years I have made some mistakes but it's the people like Tim that would assure me that God always provides a second chance.

Tim and I attended a class every Wednesday called 2nd Chance at the life you love facilitated by Skip Townsend. Before we get to our lesson Skip always asks how are we feeling individually. When it was Tim's time to speak he just smiled while looking around. He finally said he was grateful, grateful to be there to obtain some information to share with the world. The last time I saw Tim was the that Wednesday before his untimely death. I'll never forget it was pouring down raining and I had to leave early to attend my cousins funeral. Tim hugged me and said he was praying and that everything would be ok.

A few days later I got the call that he had passed away. My heart dropped and I was quickly reminded of his last words everything would be ok. My prayers go out to the Rhambo family thank you for allowing Tim to not only touch our lives but to be apart of our lives forever.  He will forever be in our hearts he has put up a good fight and has blessed this community in many ways.

The family is asking for donations no donation is too small or big. If you know Tim you know that he would give you the shirt off his back. Please return the love and help his family at their time of need.