​says and does. He is a really good communicator and the kids relate to him well, because he is a very diverse young man.

​Reginald's company is called Team Reg Training Skills Academy and it is really an academy atmosphere when he has it all going. The drills are intense and they don't stop. The students get better with each drill. 

​Wallace is a lifelong Pasadena resident and he attended PHS where he was a three year Varsity performer. He also attended PCC, the University of Texas San Antonio and Eastern New Mexico University. Reginald thought the game of basketball wasn't being taught right, so he started his own program and it appears to be working as he works with hundreds of kids now and has worked with several NCAA athletes and NBA players as well. The list of players he has worked with is impressive and it includes

The game of basketball is changing​​​​​​ rapidly with Steph Curry becoming the NBA's back-to-back MVP. Ball-handling is one of the key essentials to his success and Reginald Wallace is one of the best ball-handling coaches in the world.

​When I went to interview him at Blair High School, Reginald had a gym full of kids ranging in ages of 10 to 18. He had elementary kids right along side young men about to go to division I universities. He had other people working for him getting the next group of kids warmed up as they arrived at the gym.

​Ball-handling is obviously Reginald's top skill-set, but that skill-set can't be taken lightly. He is the best ball-handler I have seen in person. It was kind of amazing to see someone so comfortable with a basketball in their hands.

​ The kids he trains pay close attention to everything he


Reginald Wallace: Basketball guru on the rise

By Dennis Haywood 

Conact Reginald @ teamreg3@yahoo.com

​Dwayne Wade, Isiah Thomas, ​Norris Cole, LeBron James and DeMar DeRozan, just to name a few.

​Team Reg started focusing on basketball, but the training is universal and he has plans on having training facilities all over the country to teach athletes to not only prepare physically, but mentally as well.  "I teach the mental preparation, I think its more than just a skill or the physical aspect of everything," Reginald told the Pasadena Black Pages. He is preparing these

​young men for life in the real world, beyond basketball or any other sport.  Since he has been through so much, going to different colleges and travelling the country to teach, we are lucky here in Pasadena to have him and to be able to claim him as one of our own. He is definitely one to keep your eyes on and if you have a kid with aspirations of becoming an athlete, you should contact Reginald Wallace.