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Reginald Thomas Murder Brings to Light a Deeper Issue​

​Posted Oct 1, 2016
By Dennis Haywood


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PASADENA - The Pasadena Police received a call from Reginald Thomas at around 3am Friday morning stating that he needed help and they should come. He had gotten into a spat with Shanie, the pregnant mother of four of his children. She says he was bi-polar.

After that the stories start to differ depending on who you talk to. All agree that Reginald had been under the influence of some type of drug, but does that give the police the right to kill him? Should the police department had woken up the officers who specialize in mental health situations?

​The facts of the case are very unclear at this time and we don't receive our information from the police, we get it from the people and we write from the side of the people. So all we can tell you at this time is Reginald was murdered by the police because they chose to deal with the situation in the wrong way with the wrong tactics and the wrong team of officers on the scene. It was lazy, late-night police work that led to murder. We also know that they left his family out in the close to 100 degree heat for over 14 hours while his body was in the apartment complex. The police didn't provide any assistance to the family at all. Then they brought the body out in front of his kids.

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As a community we cannot allow these injustices to continue to happen. Right now, the people are calling for the names of the officers involved. It is said that the officers unlawfully confiscated the video footage from the apartment complex.