Starmakers: Costumes, Parties & So much more

By Dennis Haywood

StarMakers Costumes & Parties:
605 N. Lake Ave
Pasadena CA

​The lack of support stems from a lack of not knowing what businesses are Black-owned. Q works with local schools and businesses with plays and parties and during Black History Month she carries a bevvy of historical people.

​StarMakers designs custom costumes for all occasions. From mardi gras to Halloween, they have it covered.  They have designed costumes for countless television shows and films. Q has great relationships in Hollywood that lead to more business.

​​StarMakers Costumes & Parties has been on Lake Avenue in two different locations for over 30 years. Many of us have driven past the place hundreds of times not knowing that for the past 10 years it has been owned and operated by Q, a native New Yorker who came to Pasadena and loved it.

​Q came to Los Angeles as Tara Banks personal stylist. She worked on America's Top Model as well as the Tara Banks Show. While working on a film in Pasadena she met the previous owner of StarMakers and forged a friendship, because of both women's love of costumes and turning humans into art.

​A few months after the friendship blossomed, the owner turned gravely ill and Q asked if she could buy StarMakers. The two ladies agreed to a price and Q has been a Pasadena business owner and resident ever since.

​StarMakers continues to do good business, but it has been with a lack of support from the African-American community.

Next time you are planning to throw or go to a mascaraed party, mardi gras, carnival or if it's just Halloween, put StarMakers at the top of your list when it comes to looking the part.

​Go in and talk to Q about your ideas and she can turn them into a reality. Remember, she was Tara Banks personal stylist for years. Not many communities have the pleasure of being able to talk to someone as talented as her. She is at the store just about every day, unless she is working on a set or with a film production crew on designs.

​StarMakers has officially been stamped as a Black-owned business in Pasadena and they deserve the support of the Black community.