California legislators are asking voters to approve two bonds they’ve passed to fund initiatives intended to solve the state’s affordable housing crisis.

With Proposition 1, California legislators are asking voters to approve 2017’s Senate Bill 3, a $4 billion bond measure passed to fund housing-related programs as well as specific veterans-related projects.

With Proposition 2, legislators are asking voters to approve a $2 billion bond the legislature approved in 2016 to fund housing for mentally ill Californians throughout the state. Lawmakers want to finance the bond with revenue from California’s 1 percent tax on millionaires, which voters approved in 2004 when they passed Proposition 63.

Supporters of both propositions have organized “Affordable Housing Now,” a committee advocating for both bond measures. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have contributed $250,000. The real estate investment firm Essex Property Trust and a committee funded by labor unions representing engineers and maintenance workers have both contributed $150,000 to the “Yes on 1 and 2” effort.

How will you vote on Proposition 1 and 2?

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Propositions 1 and 2; Learn What They Are About

Posted October 7, 2018
By Asha Smith

Voter approval of bond measures passed in the legislature to fund housing projects