Monday & Thursday nights. 7:30pm-8:30pm. Victory Park.

Saturday. 9:30am. Jayvee Dance Center in Alhambra.


​Back in the day, Coco's restaurant on Colorado used to be a nice place to socialize. there were events there all the time. That was where Philip first laid eyes on Genevieve. Things didn't workout for him that night, but he saw her again the next night and told her he had met her the night before, but she wasn't going for it. A short time later, they ran into each other again and Genevieve knew that it was kismet. Fate had them, because you don't go twenty-something years not knowing someone from the same city and then you see them several times in a short span without some divine intervention. In July they will celebrate their 20th anniversary and in todays world, that is something to praise and strive for.

Zumba with genevieve

Black Love

philip & Genevieve: a lasting love

By Dennis Haywood