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Perry's Joint to Donate 100% of Days Sales to Three Local Youth's College Educations

Posted August 8, 2017
By Bosco Buchannan

Born in Philadelphia, Perry moved to the Bay Area where he was raised between Oakland and San Francisco. He was taught at an early age by his parents to be about community. So the fact that he is willing to give so much back isn't surprising. "These kids come in here and they spend their dollars, so it's only right that I give back," Perry told the Pasadena Black Pages. "They are the reason I have survived so long."

This years recipients are three outstanding young adults who are all eager to make that next step in their lives.  N'Daya Jordan, Lauren Miller and Isabella Quintanilla were all outstanding students.

Multi-tasking at its finest, describes N'Daya. As a scholar, she maintained a high GPA. As a multi-tasker, she was involved in 6 activities outside of school. She also worked part-time. In the fall N'Daya will attend Tuskegee university to obtain a bachelor's degree in nursing with an emphasis in neonatal and pediatric care. When N'Daya isn't busy, her favorite way to pass time is spending it with her family.

Lauryn was an honor student all four years at john Muir. As a competitively eligible scholar, she participated in over 6 extracurricular activities. Lauryn was a finalist of the Tournament of Roses Royal Court. She will be attending A & M University majoring in Nursing. Lauryn aspires to become a Nurse practitioner. Her goal is to positively impact the lives of others.

​Isabella had a total GPA of 3.35. Several extracurricular activities kept her busy. She was Part 2 student and ran businesses at Muir. Sociology will be Isabella's major. She will attend the University of California at Merced. Isabella's hope of studying sociology she will understand societal factors within today's multi-ethnic and multi-national businesses environment.

​Come on out and give these young ladies some support as they begin the journey of the next part of their lives.

What Perry does once a year was unheard of until he did it.  On Saturday August 12th, from 10am - 5pm 100% of the days sales will go to three John Muir graduates who are on their way to colleges. This is the sixth time and fourth year in a row the sandwich shop is doing this. 

Being a local small business for over 13 years and making this commitment to not only the students receiving the scholarship funds, but also to the community and the future of the community as well is huge. Perry wants to put the spirit of returning to community to make it stronger in the minds of the recipients. 

​The community becomes stronger because of participation in a worthy cause.