​Not only did Dudley and Dell raise four outstanding children of their own, but they took in four of Dudley's nieces and a nephew because it was needed and from that moment on, Dudley and Dell have always had someone in their home, even after all of those children became adults and moved on. Dell told us that even though they were asked to feed many, it was okay because they had a big patio table in the house and they all would sit and eat and she viewed that as a big gift.

The number of kids and adults who have sat in their living room on Los Robles is limitless. And the number of people they have fed is enormous.

Dudley was a little league coach, youth football coach, freshman football coach at PHS and the girl's basketball and softball coach at PHS in the 1980's along with Dudley Jr.

The couple became members of New Revelation Baptist Church in 1967 and have been active here ever since. When talking to them both it is evident that they are firm believers and followers of supreme power. How else could two people survive together with the Civil Rights Movement, the Black Power Movement, the Crack Cocaine Era and the Computer Age? And they are still growing and learning as they openly reach, teach and educate us all.​​

"There is a duty that a wife and a husband have and that's to become one," Dell told the Pasadena Black Pages. "To be able to share everything. To be able to talk about everything, that's what marriage is all about."

Walking up the stairs at the Stewart home is like gazing at a big part of Black Pasadena's history. There are photos from both sides of the family that date back as far as the early 1900s. There is a separate family or guest room with hundreds of more photos from the past and present on the walls. It is a beautiful sight when you can see your history because their history is a part of all of our history in some way or another.

To be able to grow old together in good health and with a great family is a blessing. Both Dudley and Dell understand that life is full of battles and they have fought many, but in the end, they have each other and it shall end as it began with them, together, no matter what. 

The Stewarts are the true meaning and example of love.


Dudley & O'Dell stewart: marriage & family at its best

Posted March 6, 2016
​By Dennis Haywood

There are some people that you just can't say enough good things about​. That is the case when talking about Dudley and Dell Stewart. Around town they are simply known as "The Stewarts" and everyone knows exactly who you are talking about. It was a pleasure to be able to sit down with them and talk about their life and union.

​One of the things I learned and took away from this conversation was that to have a successful marriage, two must become one. There is a calm and peace that surrounds these two and it's evident that it comes from living a righteous life.

​Dudley and Dell (very few people call her O'Dell) met in 1956. They had both been raised in Pasadena after their families had moved from the south in 1936 for Dudley and 1942 for Dell. It was Dudley's brother who had played matchmaker when Dudley was home one weekend from the Service.

​As Dell explained, it took years for them to get together, but once they did they became inseparable.

​In 2016, their oldest son Dudley III. will turn 60 and Dudley Jr. and Dell will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Most definitely something to celebrate. ​​The love and bond this couple share is unique, but attainable if one chooses to live their life a certain way, and that is selfless.