Self-care is how we protect our overall wellness. In today's time, we have a variety of distractions that can cause us to forget about ourselves and to care for ourselves. There is no one way that fits all for self-care. We all enjoy different things, therefore, we have to know what refuels us because that’s the whole purpose of self-care.

If we are not doing well with taking care of self then we are not serving those that we love at our best. A spa day for one person may be a day at the beach for someone else, again we all are recharged and ready to tackle our obligations in different ways.

The question is are we doing the things that allow us to disconnect and take a moment for ourselves to refuel? We must wonder why this is so hard for us to do when we know that it’s important for us to take responsibility for our wellness just as important as it is for us to show up for our friends and family. There is no way that we can give our best to others if we are not given our best to ourselves first. Take a day and set aside some time to go do something that brings you joy and peace of mind and learn how often you need to do this. Because you may need to do it once a month, twice a month, or more times in a month however the goal is to understand yourself enough to gauge what’s our window of motivation.

We need to know how long our refuelings will last so that we can stay performing how we desire. As life goes on things will change what inspires and recharges us today may not do the same in a few months or a few years and when this happens we should be open to exploring new things that will continue to protect our overall wellness. Having an open mind is key especially if you don’t know what feeds you to keep going because doing different things until you learn what works for you is going to require an open mind to explore. Knowledge of self is vital for us to obtain in order to properly provide self-care to ourselves. Don’t be alarmed if you are not fully aware of the things for you at this time, start paying attention to how your soul is feeling, start monitoring your energy levels when you do things and how long does that energy last for you.

These are a few things that we can do to start learning how we refuel. Self-care is all about taking a moment to do something for ourselves that provides us the gas that we need to conquer the daily tasks and goals that we have in a positive and healthy manner. Making time to feed ourselves is not self-care, however, having a day where you enjoy a meal alone while reading a book or listening to a book is self-care. Driving around town running errands is not self-care, however, going on a drive with nowhere to go is self-care or driving to a place that you connect with and just sitting there inside your car is self-care. Again self-care is doing the little things that are for your soul and others may understand and have similar connections and others will not and this is okay. Apply some self-care to yourself because it’s for you and you deserve it. 

Sincerely Your Brother and Servant
The Wellness Preacher

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Peace & Stability Through Self-Care

Posted September 23, 2021
By Qaadir Muhammed