If you need information on how to start your own child daycare, go see Paula, she will gladly talk to you and there aren't many people around like her, who are willing to share their worth.


the ​same enthusiasm and giving spirit about quality childcare as their aunt. "My mother and father, they focused on us going to school and being something in life once you become an adult," Paula told the Pasadena Black Pages.


paula littlejohn-jones: delivering quality daycare

​Posted March 24, 2017
By Asha Smith


Since 1999 Paula Littlejohn-Jones has been providing the Pasadena community with quality daycare. When she sat down with the Pasadena Black Pages to discuss her career, it was evident that her passion to teach and help families raise their children in a controlled, yet nourishing environment is real and the love she has in her heart for the well-being of children is sincere.

Paula started her daycare business on Woodbury in Altadena. She had a one room home that she made work for 13 years until she and her husband came together and bought a beautiful home on Los Robles in Pasadena where she has been since 2012. The newer home has four bedrooms and four baths. She has a start room in the back of her home where the children sleep, but she opens her entire home up to the kids at different times of the day.

​A family business, Littlejohn Family Daycare does more than watch people's children, they educate and motivate. Paula has hired her nieces and she has led  by  example, so they all have

Some of the children from Littlejohn Family Daycare participated in the annual Black History parade in Pasadena and Paula makes sure that they take the children on outings and they do outreach programs as well.

Paula is eager to help other women who want to get into the child daycare business, but only if they have quality in mind. She is very adamant about "Quality". She has excepted that people leave their children in her care and she owes them more that to just watch their kids.

​Littlejohn  Family Daycare has a diverse group of children and they welcome low-income families.