Paula is also a lady of the community and a social butterfly.​ She is a member of the Snow Busters Ski Club, a non-profit organization involved in skiing as well as many fun non-ski activities in winter, summer, spring and fall. They are one of eighty-four clubs associated with the National Brotherhood of Skiers. ​ Snow Busters  have a fundraiser every year called Diva For A Day. The event raises money to send young African-American kids on trips that expose them to skiing and all that the slopes have to offer. The intent is to eventually get a kid into the Winter Olympics.

Paula is a real Dena Girl and she is to be commended for her longevity and success as a business woman. Close to retirement, Paula is sure to continue to live life to the fullest.

​What being able to interview Paula Hood reminded me about Pasadena is that no matter if you don't personally know someone, you know someone close to them.  I grew up playing baseball, so I knew both of her brothers. I have driven past her salon over 100 times and had no idea she was there. But, in the same week I interviewed her, I saw her at a party, because we all have mutual friends in some way or another.

​Paula has been the proud owner of Cutting Up Beauty Salon in Altadena for 35 years. Thirty-five years in business says a lot about a person's character.  Maybe it's because the few times I've seen her, Paula has had a smile on her face. Maybe it's because she's an outgoing person and a giver. Whatever it is, it has worked for her and her loyal customers have remained with her through the good and bad times. Even when Paula was out for months due to medical problems,  most of her customers came back.

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paula hood: cuttin' up dena style

Posted March 23, 2017
By Asha Smith