Pastor Skinner came to MBC for good in August of 1990 and has been living in Altadena for 20 years.

​The first MBC was built in 1906 by J.D. Bushnell as an extension of the Friendship Baptist Church. The church was located on Claremont and Mentone until the 210 Freeway was being built and a relocation was forced.

The church is such a dominate part of the African-American community that after a long discussion with a mentor, we decided to do community driven pieces on the African-American church in Pasadena and Altadena. ​

​Last weekend, Metropolitan Baptist Church celebrated it's 110th Anniversary and that prompted me to get in contact with Pastor Skinner, a man I had never met.​ I must say that I was shocked to be able to talk to him so easily and within a couple of minutes we were setting up a good time to do the interview. I write that to make the point that Pastor Skinner was available and accessible as all good community leaders should be.

​Born and raised in Compton, Tyrone Skinner told the Pasadena Black Pages that he knew he was going to be in ministry when he was a child. "That's all I've ever known, even as a child. I always wanted to be a preacher. I knew I wanted to help people."

Coming to Pasadena wasn't in Tyrone's plans. He had just graduated from Southern Methodist University and married the love of his life, Trudell. His plans were to stay in the south and plant his roots there, but God had other plans and he was asked to come preach at MBC while he was serving as associate pastor at a church in Sacramento.


​pastor tyrone skinner: metropolitian Baptist church celebrating 110 years

By Dennis Haywood

The church has been at its current location on Fair Oaks in Altadena since 1970, making it one of the more modern facilities in the city. There have been several pastors since then, but Tyrone Skinner has been Pastor at metropolitan Baptist Church longer than any pastor before him and he has no plans of leaving.

​When talking to Pastor Skinner it is evident that he really cares about the community and our youth. He and his congregation are working hard to build their youth ministry. He has some creative young minds working with him to help build a better community bond. So all summer there will be events happening at MBC, including the Altadena Food Truck Fridays from 5-9pm on July 22 and every 4th Friday in the church parking lot.

​The church has always been the cornerstone to all African-American communities and we should be thankful to have a good man like Pastor Skinner serving ours.