The Marathon Continues 🏁

The Dawg Pack Running Club of Pasadena challenged themselves in a way they hadn't before on  June 2. at the Revel Rockies Marathon and Half Marathon Race in Evergreen, Co. They all ran 13.1 miles together as a unit but, they all had individual reasons why they took on the challenge.

The group of 5 are all a part of a good group of active runners. Each of them is at least 50-years-old and they go hard.

Damon Blount, Dennis Haywood, Lina Chaparian, and Micheal Allen conquered their mountains and defeated their challenges.
Colorado is definitely a challenge because of its elevation and thin air. However, it’s also a beautiful course. They were greeted by God’s breathtaking sceneries to help them get through the difficulty of running in the Rockies.

Lina believed she could do it and she did. Sunday she received her 30th Medal.

Micheal ran in honor of his late brother Melvin, whose birthday was the next day. 
Damon stated, "The air up Here is no joke.,but when you have faith in God, train and eat properly, you get “that work done “ it was a very nice day and a beautiful.

Dennis ran for his upcoming 52nd Birthday and to conquer another challenge. Ken said, "I conquered Colorado."

Congratulations to the Dawg Pack Running Crew you did it.

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Pasadena's Dawg Pack Conquer the Rocky Mountains 

Posted June 6, 2018
By Rochele Jones