Culture Shock Cafe co-owner Drake Buchanan has had several businesses in Pasadena over the past 25 years and I can honestly say that he's always had the community on his mind. He has had a restaurant before, but this time he and co-owner Adria Hinton decided to open a space where you can not only have some of the best coffee in town but also feel a cultural connection

When you enter Culture Shock you will feel the positive vibe they have created. Drake wants the cafe to be used as a workspace, meeting space or a space to have small events. Right now they are open from 7am - 3pm and after the grand opening September 7th they will be open until 5pm.

They have been open for 5 days and when I went to do the interview patrons were coming in. The menu is simple at the moment with coffee and tasty sweets, but there is more to come as it will be growing weekly. There is free wifi, televisions are being mounted on the walls and Drake and Adria already have events scheduled.

​Go check them out and support what they have brought to the city. I guarantee that you will return and it just may become your favorite place to go in the city.

Culture Shock Cafe

1359 N. Altadena Drive

Open 7am - 3pm

After Sept 7th

7am - 5pm

Pasadena's Culture Shock Cafe, a Space Like no Other in the City

Posted August 9, 2019
By Dennis Haywood