​come to Robinson Park, but that's another conversation.. ​​

Coach Amad Andrews has his team in the championship game for the 15th time. He has been coaching the ponies for 29 years, so that means half the time he goes to the championship. That also means his kids are winners, because at Robinson, the coaches keep their same kids from the age of 6 until they go to high school.

Coach Alan Blades has been with the Ponies for 15 years and has taken three sons through the program. His son Elijah, who is a standout at John Muir has signed a letter of intent to the University of Florida. Alan hasn't won a championship in four tries, but this season just may be different. his youngest son and the squad he has now look to be prepared to avenge an earlier loss to the San Fernando Braves, the team they play Saturday.

​This is Coach Tiger's first trip to the championship since he's been a head coach, but he' has his team sharp and focused. He has been coaching at the park for 11 years and his commitment to the youth should be applauded.

All of these men and their staffs and the others who make the league possible and available should be applauded for giving back to the community. I had a conversation with league commissioner Monique McMillan about the struggles the league has endured due to the shrinking amount of kids signing up and the lack of parent participation. She is optimistic that things will get better. This is her first season as commissioner, but she comes from a family of community endorsers, so her commitment is real and her passion to see the youth have opportunities to prosper is evident, because she raised her son through the league and he isn't there anymore, but she remains. 

The ponies will be playing for all of the money this weekend and they need local support. the games have been moved to a new site and we will update that information as soon as we get it.

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Pasadena Ponies Take 3 Teams to Championship Games

Posted Nov 18, 2016
By Dennis Haywood

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   Coach Al Blades keeps his teams ready

Youth football in Pasadena has taken a hit in the past few years, because there are three leagues in a city that can only truly support one. 

Through it all, the Pasadena Ponies who play and practice at Robinson Park have continued to place championship caliber teams on the field each season with dwindling numbers in participation.

​This season is no exception. The Ponies have three teams playing for championships while the other two leagues in the city have none and it's a shame, because it's the grown-ups who are keeping the kids separated and the teams diluted because they don't want to