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Pasadena Police Release Chris Ballew Beating Video

Posted Dec 18, 2017
By Bosco Buchannon

The Pasadena Police have decided to release the body cam footage of the Chris Ballew beating and the video is very disturbing. Since I in and know the area well, I see the way the Pasadena Police and the Altadena Sherriffs deal with young Black men during traffic stops and just in general and what we see happening to Chris is nothing new. It's just that in most cases the confrontation doesn't escalate to the level this one did.

Northwest Pasadena is a secluded part of the city. I say secluded because the police only act a certain way when they are in Northwest. They come to Northwest with chips on their shoulders and in most cases, they are looking for trouble. I know some won't like this, but this is coming from a Black man's perspective who lives in Northwest, who has been pulled over and harassed by the PPD many times for no reason other than I was Black and at the time they felt like harassing a Black man. Some will ask how can I be sure of that and I would ask in return, how do you know I'm not?

During the entire incident, Chris Ballew was telling the officers he didn't do anything. In the end, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office declined to file charges Thursday against Ballew, whose leg was broken as Pasadena police officers attempted to arrest him last month.

Spokesman Greg Risling said in an email Friday the D.A. declined to file a charge of assault on a police officer against Christopher Ballew, 21, “due to lack of evidence.” Ballew was arrested in November following a traffic stop that turned into a confrontation with two Pasadena police officers.

So basically they know the police were wrong because no charges were filed, but they will fight Chriss Ballew if he tries to be compensated for being beaten like that. 

The Pasadena Police say they released the video for transparency, but they don't release all body cam videos. as long as we allow it, they will continue to mistreat and abuse us.

Source: Sierra Madre Tattler