Additionally, she is an active board member of Black Women Lawyers of Los Angeles, Inc. and California Women Lawyers, where she has volunteered on various committees and projects. As a caring and concerned volunteer in her community, over the years, Attorney Dansby-Darden accepted numerous requests to share her knowledge with others.

It is clear when you talk to Pamela that she is passionate about the protection of young Black men and she is passionate about doing something about it. Her program Mamma Didn't Raise No Fool, is geared towards helping young Black and Latinos to deal with encounters with police and other law enforcement agencies because she knows that a bad decision at a young age can have a negative bearing on someone for the rest of their lives.

She told us of the young man she is defending now who was riding in the backseat of a car and someone in the car shot and killed a person, now her defendant is on trial for murder.

She has presented her program around Pasadena and Los Angeles. She tried to get it into the Pasadena Unified School District, but none of the middle or high schools got back to her, which is strange with all of the adolescent problems occurring in the area right now.

Pamela is so involved with young Black men, because she has a teenage son  and she knows that even though he is a well raised, well educated young man, stereotypes do exist and if he ever is confronted by authorities, he will know how to deal with them, because with her being a defense attorney, she knows that the police don't always identify themselves or read rights. "They may say they always do, but they don't," Dansby-Darden told the Pasadena Black Pages.

The job she has is a tough, but necessary one. She goes against the police every day and she wins her fair share of cases. She lives in Pasadena and she has her feet cemented here. She is a real live advocate for the people. She is a role model for all African-American girls and boys to look up to.

We wish trouble on no one, but if you want an attorney who will fight for you and who has the ability to reach out to other prominent African-American attornies for advice if needed.

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In addition to legallyrepresenting her community, Attorney Dansby-Darden is also an advocate for change within her community. Attorney Dansby-Darden currently sits as Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Outward Bound Adventures, a non-profit organization aimed at inspiring and employing overlooked youth through outdoor experiences and opportunities.

Pamela Dansby-Darden moved to Pasadena when she was seven years old. She says that her roots are in Pasadena and after moving away for a while she decided to move back to raise her son in the same multi-cultural and diverse community.

A graduate of John Muir High School, UCLA, and Loyola Law School, Pamela Dansby-Darden is so much more than just an attorney to our community. She is a fighter of your rights for a lot of people who can't afford counsel and she defends people from situations of domestic abuse to murder.

She has defended friends she grew up with and children of friends she grew up with.

Attorney Pamela Dansby-Darden is a talented and fearless trial attorney with over 20 years of trial experience.    Prior  to  going  into   private

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Attorney Dansby-Darden served as a Los Angeles County Public Defender where she mastered her ability to handle serious, voluminous, fast-paced legal disputes.

After 10 years in the public defender’s office, Attorney Dansby-Darden was eager to assist her clients in a more personal environment, seeking a greater connection with her clients and their issues. That’s when Dansby-Darden Law Group was born. Attorney Dansby-Darden expanded her areas of practice, still with an eye toward fighting for others and their rights.

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pamela Dansby-darden: defending your rights

Posted March 18, 2018
By Asha Smith