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Thirty-one “Champions of Change” will descend upon the offices of Outward Bound Adventures Inc. (OBA) in Pasadena on Saturday, February 1st to receive recognition for their support in promoting diversity and inclusion in the outdoors. OBA is the oldest youth-centered environmental organization in the nation that provides meaningful nature-based education and outdoor career exposure for underrepresented youth.

Among the awardees are John Mead owner of Adventure 16, who has donated new camping and backpacking equipment to OBA for over 20 years; Dr. Lawton Gray, principal of John Muir High School who has provided OBA with office space on the campus and been supportive of all the OBA programs. Art Lemus and Michelle Koeppl from Patagonia Pasadena who has provided warm outdoor clothing for OBA participants and grants to support various OBA programs; Enrique Oceguera, REI- Arcadia who has for years of boots and other gear, grants, and staff training support; Mitchell Dion, Pasadena Water & Power who has provided various paid employment and learning opportunities to OBA youth; Stephen Clayton “Teacher of the Year” at Duarte Unified School District that partnered with OBA to make sure Mt Olive Continuation High School youth have a connection to the outdoors; Virginia Morell, National Geographic writer and former OBA staff member that introduced OBA youth to a much larger world through her books and travels with National Geographic; Cam Spaulding, Golden Trout Wilderness School who has been instrumental in ensuring OBA navigates through Golden Trout Base Camp in the high Sierras successfully for the last 50 years; David Myers, executive director of The Wildlands Conservancy that has provided annual program support; and Fabian Garcia from the United States Forest Service who has provided OBA with crew jobs and increased access to the Angeles National Forest, just to name a few of the thirty-one “Champions of Change” that will be receiving awards for their commitment to supporting OBA and the youth they serve..

The awards will be presented to each of the thirty-one recipients by youths that have participated in various OBA programs supported by these “Champions of Change”.

For information contact: Charles Thomas, Executive Director – OBA (626) 818-1564


Outward Bound Adventures Giving 31 Champion of Change Awards

Posted January 28, 2020
By Dennis Haywood