Noy Burns' New Album Titled 10 Has Real Meaning

​Posted December 27, 2018
By ​Asha Smith

 Noy Burns is rapper/songwriter who has a passion to spread the gospel of Christ in a form of hardcore hip-hop. Born in Chicago and raised in Pasadena, Noy Burns has been striving to make a name for himself in this industry by performing at numerous hot stops all around Hollywood and Los Angeles such as the House of Blues, Xen Lounge, Whiskey Go Go and many more.

NOY has also had the privilege to work aside some of the greats past and present such as Warren G, WC, Chino XL, J Cole and many more.

Noy’s latest album titled 10 is named after his mother's death and the birth of his son which both happened 10 years to the date of each other. The CD is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music Amazon, and many more places.

Noy's song All To You has been getting radio play on several different radio stations all around the United States. Noy Burns also has a recent project that he released titled Black Light that came out September of 2018. “The best is yet to come,” as Noy told us.