Beauty and Brains Dolls are 18-inches tall with a unique look to represent you. They speak 20 empowering phrases to help build character, confidence, self-awareness, and positive-self-esteem. They have real human hair and natural hairstyles to give children the opportunity to love, style and accept hair just like theirs. They are bringing fun to a new level most of all you will have positive friends with different goals and dreams.



New 18-Inch African Americans Dolls Build Confidence, Self-Awareness

Posted August 1, 2018
By  Asha Smith

Brains and Beauty Dolls is a new Black-owned company creating dolls to empower little girls all over the world. The company prides itself on designing unique dolls that will make a difference in children’s lives. Giving a gift that will build character, confidence, self-awareness and the power to reach your full potential. By feeding the mind with empowering phrases and playing with toys that represent who you are.

One day BABD's founder Niya Dorsey's one-month-old daughter and she were at home in the bed cuddling and she got an epiphany, a doll is a girl’s best friend. As a child, Nya did not have any dolls that truly represented her or encouraged her to follow her dreams.  Most of the dolls teach you how to be a great mom. She did not want to give her daughter a doll that would teach her how to be a good mom. She wanted a doll that would reflect more of who she is. A doll that will encourage her to believe in herself and to achieve her goals no matter what. At that moment, she decided to create a doll that would represent and empower her and girls all over the world. As she researched and spoke to other moms, dads, grandparents etc. she found out she wasn’t alone. Children that hear positive affirmations and have positive role models tend to be aware of who they are. They are usually confident, strong, and follow their dreams.