Covid-19 has put a pause on many things but it wasn't going to stop Neighborhood Survants from showing up as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

It was a beautiful sight to pull up to Robinson Park Community Center and see the line wrapped around the block to receive school supplies, backpacks, books, hair cuts, and hair braiding services. The smiles of the kids and parents made the day. If you weren't able to make it, you definitely missed a treat.

This was the 3rd Annual Neighborhood Survants Back 2 School Giveaway in partnership with several organizations: The Cause International, My Tribe Rise, Sydney Paage Foundation, and Way of Life Car Club just to name a few.

As schools open back up and with so much uncertainty due to the pandemic Painted Brain and CalHope were on hand sharing information about FREE Crisis Counseling Services available to all Californians through FEMA. Painted Brain is known for "Putting Brains to Work", innovative peer-run mental health art and tech organization that uses a peer model focused on recovery. If you or anyone you know is in need of support please click here to learn more about Individual and Group Support Sessions, Counselors are available now.

Pasadena PD was on hand and it was refreshing to see Black Officers engaging with the community and playing with children, especially our young black boys. Officer Shelby and Thompson were very approachable and it just felt good to see "US" represented and engaged. We need more of this type of Community Policing taking place, regularly.

To learn more about Neighborhood Survants and their work, click here.


Neighborhood Survants B2S Giveaway Helps Hundreds of Kids

Posted August  9, 2021
By Teanna Ross