NBA Great Stacy Augmon Returns to Give Pasadena Elite Kids Some Good Advice about life

Posted August 30, 2019
By Dennis Haywood
UCLA's Elijah Gates Gives Back to His Roots at Boys & Girls Club in Pasadena

PASADENA - It's not every day that kids get to not only receive advice from a 15-year NBA veteran, but that's what the kids from the Pasadena Elite travel basketball squad got Wednesday night at the Boys & Girls Club on Fair Oaks Ave. 

Coach Al B set up this special night for the kids and Stacy was more than happy to be able to come home and give the kids an insight not only about life as an NBA star but about school and character.

Stacy who was an All-American and NCAA champion in college at the University of Nevada Las Vegas stress hard work and education to the group of young ballers. He let them know that it wasn't easy for him as a kid. He was awkward and tall. He barely made the freshman team when he went to John Muir High School. "Hard work is what did it for me. It's what you do when no one else is looking that separates you from your peers," Augman told the group.

He also praised the coaches on the Pasadena Elite staff about the way they were dealing with the kids and the drills they ran during practice. 

​It's not often that the professional athletes from Pasadena give back, but Stacy has been doing that for years, and not just with basketball. He has sponsored the Pasadena Ponies football program as well.

The kids asked him a variety of questions, like who did he like playing against the most in the NBA. They asked about college and Stacy stressed finances to them, assuring that just because you make a lot of money doesn't mean you won't lose it if you aren't financially sound. 

It was a night most of these kids won't soon forget and we give a special thanks to Stacy Augmon for talking to the kids about life in a way they could relate to.