Pasadena NAACP President Gary Moody had some concerns with the way things are going in our country, but more so in our community, so he wrote an open letter to the community. He is born and raised in Pasadena and he is one of our great community leaders right now. ​Below is his letter and our interview with him. Photo courtesy of Outward Bound Adventures.



Currently the nation has seen the brutal attack on our communities especially African American Males.  Our communities have been set up for slaughter without circumstance or consequence. This is not to distract the fact that Black on Black murders isn’t an important issue such as the case in Chicago. Our young brothers must be in a “heightened awareness” regarding the “War in the Streets” being waged by law enforcement throughout the country.

Those distributers of hand guns and assault weapons are not unlike the cartels dealing millions of pounds of cocaine and heroin to our communities nationwide. The mass shootings by those claiming Isis as their ally is indicative of the growing violence that has set the United States as the “Nation of Random Violence”. The “but” is the fact that our young men are not being mass murdered by those international/domestic criminals whom have arsenals at their disposal but by those whom are supposed to be civil servants hired to protect our communities.

Our national leaders, Governors, Congress have continued to be bipartisan in creating legislation to curb this violence while supporting the Institutional Racist policies that continue to reap “Genocidal assault” upon our African American males and African American communities. I don’t know how many times I have quoted the fact “African American Males are an endangered species” especially in this country.

The African American community should take to the polls locally, statewide, and nationally to change the policies of Institutional Racist tactics. There should be a national cry by all of our young African American citizens who are eligible the vote to take to the streets, register to vote, and show the true “POWER of the Pen”. Our forefathers “DIED” so we can have the right to this opportunity. An African American Poet and Activist once said; “I don’t want nobody giving me nothing, open up the door and I’ll get it myself”. Don’t’ be like a “dull knife that’s just not cuttin’, talking loud and saying nothing!


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​NAACP President Gary Moody Writes Open Letter to the Community

Posted July 25

​By Bosco Buchannon