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Mr. & Mrs. Love: Don't Let Social Media Hinder Your Relationship

​Posted September 25, 2017
By ​Mr. & Mrs. Love


In today's society it's easy to be and become who you want to be. The question is, are you your best you? In your actions and how you present it. We as women have to be mindful of what we entertain. In 2011 1/3 of divorce filings mentioned Facebook was the cause of the divorce. In my humble opinion it actually reveals the weaknesses that already exist in your relationship, for example: if you are lacking attention at home nine times out of 10 when you start getting an occasional "Good morning, queen, looking good!" That's what I'm talking about! You have a great day! It has the ability to start looking like the much-needed attention you are looking for. If you're not happy at home you may want to disengage your communication with old friends AKA exes, because those are red flags.  

I know the purpose in Facebook is to talk to old friends and catch up, but a married couple's etiquette must be top-notch. Try setting rules and be aware of each other sensitivities. Be mindful of what you share. Typing is impersonal and you can't see the facial expression. A simple "I missed you" can be priceless.  

Everyone needs space, but maybe shared passwords, even if you never use it, just sets a level of comfort for some. Find what works for you, have conversations about what you like and don't like and what can and cannot be compromised. I could go on forever with this subject, but I'll end with this; think 5 times before you respond. Liking and commenting can be a hindrance to your marriage if you don't set boundaries.


In today's world we honestly have to work extra hard to protect our marriages. Our grandparents didn't have to work as hard as we do. Just like in the bible, in the beginning it was a little rattlesnake, but at the end it was a giant dragon. That dragon today is called social media and if we (brothers) don't display the proper etiquette online, we can welcome all types of people (women) into our homes with bad intentions.  

Social media allows us to find old friends and stay connected with family it even provides a platform to build a network with people. However, it also allows us to reconnect with people from our past that we once dated and more. It is our duty to be open and honest with our spouses as men and as their husbands. Some couples have joint social media accounts and most often this is done as a security measure rather it was created after an issue or before doesn't matter.  

My wife has taught me how to present myself online and believe me it took me a while to understand what she was saying, because I didn't see it how she saw it until one day it was all up in our face and I had to humbly say to my wife that she was right.  

I never realized that by sharing a post, liking someone's post and even just sharing parts of your life on social media could draw someone towards you in an improper way married or not. So to my brothers out there married or seeking to be married one day be mindful of what you do on these social media websites, because people are watching and due to the mass amount of men that have been arrested, homosexuality, deceases and more, it makes a decent man unique and rare, therefore we must fight to keep our spouses secure and happy by being honest and upfront with them.  

If a woman gets in your inbox for any reason, let your wife know. Trust me she'll respect you for that more, even if the female just said "hi", your wife will respect it. Some of us, male and female have a natural attraction about ourselves that draws people to us, so it's important that we check anything that's inappropriate at the door, so the individual doesn't think they have a chance with you. 

Also, be mindful that fatal attractions are real and if a person thinks in their mind you've been flirting with them or that you want them or even thinks that you are meant to be, that's a ride you don't want to take. So, watch what you do on Facebook, because you could be risking your marriage for a moment of pleasure.  

Last thing, never speak with any woman rather you been with them sexually or not about your wife when you are upset or going through a rough patch in your marriage, because that woman can use that to take advantage of you in many ways. 

Mr. and Mrs. Love