Message to Murderers

Posted July 7, 2020
By Breanna Howard

Protect. Serve.
You are the people tasked to PROTECT and SERVE the community, the ENTIRE community. You yourself made the decision to pursue a career in law enforcement. It was you that chose to go through the police academy knowing everything you would go through as a police officer. You knew it was a dangerous job when you signed up. That you would be putting your life on the line EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. All people that live in the community are supposed to feel safe when they see you, but only white people do. You only protect and serve the people that look like you. You KILL the ones that don’t. BLACK people are apart of the community. BROWN people are apart of the community.

So why are we not protected?

Because you people don’t see us as human, but as creatures with no feelings… no emotions. When in all actuality it's you that are the creatures. You have no emotion or feelings. If you did you wouldn’t be able to shoot a man in front of his family, or kill a woman in custody under false pretenses, or even shoot a child playing a game. You would make sure that CITIZENS that kill a young boy goes to jail for as long as you can charge them for. If you were human you wouldn’t break into peoples’ homes shooting to kill, slam and repeatedly punch CHILDREN and you wouldn’t abuse a person that was already in handcuffs. Cutting off their airways while they plead for help. But you would and actively do to BLACK and brown people on a daily basis. The reason any of these things happen is that you’re cowards and racists. You are FIRST RESPONDERS, which means you have a DUTY to save the life of someone in danger not put them in that danger. So if treating everyone as a human is difficult for you, then maybe you need to reevaluate and find a new profession. Because those people you call creatures have had enough and we won’t stop until all of you murderers that hide behind badges have paid for your crimes to the fullest extent and beyond.